Why I Blog?

Being a teacher allows me to interact with different personalities every single day. I am personally amazed at how I am able to adapt myself so quickly to differing group of students like from a smart yet noisy group to a slow but disciplined students. Trust me, the teaching principles taught at the universities play a little role in the actual classroom settings.

These experiences encouraged me to pursue another endeavor: blogging.

I want to blog because I want to use this platform like a journal while at the same time sharing these experiences to my fellow teachers or would-be teachers hoping that they can relate in a way and could give some advice or tip to better our teaching skills.

Another reason why I blog is that I want to polish my communication skills. Writing is communication and blogging is writing. As a teacher, it is imperative that we should be excellent communicator in order to optimize the teaching-learning process. I think being a great communicator provides great benefits for the rest of our life—both personal and professional lives.

Since writing requires some degree of thinking, I am confident that by blogging, I become a better thinker. Being a better thinker will surely enable to better understand myself and my job. I will be more discerning in dealing with my students’ diverse background and skills and be able to help them improve themselves and their skills.

Blogging allows me to meet other people in the cyberspace. As a foreign teacher in Thailand, I’ve learned that nothing beats homesick better that making friends and become a family. Through my posts, I am hoping that I can make new friends to go along this exciting and rewarding world of blogging.

What about you? Why do you blog?



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